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Saturday, June 18, 2016

17 weeks post ACL surgery plus notes on weeks 8-16

I am 17 weeks post op now and where I have been wanting to be. I have been doing boxing sparring since May 23rd (14 weeks post op). I threw my first kicks on the thai pads June 6th (16 weeks post op).  

With Jason, I have been doing flowing with kicks. I have been focusing on my defense to kicks, knees, push kicks. I am trying really hard to get my defense together before actually sparring. I won't actually spar until I am 6 months post op. So, in about 7 more weeks I will try sparring with kicks. 

My knee hurts today. But, I did a lot this week and trained the last 6 days. The only thing I am missing right now is harder conditioning. My focus at the moment is rehabbing my knee. I have jumped into the s&c classes at the gym and theres nothing I can not do yet. I am just trying to be careful. 

16 weeks post op PT notes:
I did the Biodex test and my quad strength is 20-25% deficit. Hop testing indicated my left leg is 91% like my right leg. This is perfect. I go back next month for an evaluation and my goal is to be perfect!

15 weeks post of PT notes:
Ran 1 mile on the treadmill 
Plyometric drill/Dynamic warm up: skipping, high knees, side step, kick backs, karaoke
PT set up an obstacle course: double leg box jump on the big box, jump down landing on both legs, single leg hop onto 8-12 inch box, jump down landing on the same leg, shuffle hurdles, clockwise hop through rings, 6 single leg burpees.

14 weeks post op PT notes:
Super disappointed with my Biodex evaluation results. I got a 50% deficit in my quad strength. My hop test indicated that my left leg was 85% similar to my right leg.

13 weeks post op PT notes:

Offense defense work with Jason. Defending kicks.

12 weeks post op PT notes:ran in alter g for 10 minutes, 8.5mph
high knees
kick backs
single leg hops forward
single leg hops side ways
100 single leg jumps on the total body gym
30 hack squats 100lbs
single leg hops, counter clockwise

At this time, I stopped going to Golds, Bri got cleared to train.  I started helping Jason get the fighters ready for WKA nationals by helping during the team class.

During this week I started doing my own conditioning routine to get my body back into motion. Warm up consisted of 1 round of jump rope but I kept on messing up during the 1 round.
I did 2 minutes of box/agility work, side to sides and toe taps. Then a few sprints and bear crawls. I did 1 lap of side steps and monster walks with the bands. I then worked on the heavy bag throwing punches only for about 7-2 minute rounds. For the last 2 rounds, I throw knees and kicks with the lead leg (healing leg).

At this time, it didn't feel weird to kick with the lead leg on the bag. But I was careful so prevent pain and swelling. 

Worked the mitts with Jason and we worked on:
double jabbing, turn over the punches
jab cross, take a big step with jab
1-5-2, taking small steps with the 1-5
2-long, then twist step throw 3, if he faded, threw the 1-2...sitting on the cross.

Did many rounds of defense drills which was fun.

Held pads for Jason, just the basics, 1-slip, 1 slip cross.

11 weeks post op PT notes: April 30th, I did class for the first time with Bri. To warm up, I ran up and down the track. I felt like everyone was watching me when i was warming up.
Monday, I went to PT May 2nd:
Ran 1 mile in the anti-gravity machine 75% my weight. Felt good. I ran as fast as I wanted to...8mph.
Skipped, side shuffles, karaoke.
100 jumps on the total body gym
plyometrics included side to side double leg jumps and the side shuffle over the box.
finished with leg press and hamstring curls.

By the end of the 11th week, I did the Saturday am class and worked on boxing only. I did 1-1-2-6-post-8...Jab, cross, right body shot, post, right hook to the head.

10 weeks post op PT notes:On April 25th, I cancelled my pt appointment and trained with jason instead. On the 27th, I started hopping and was allowed to do jump rope by my PT.
At rehab April 27th, we did 100 single leg jumps on the total body gym, 5-10 minutes of jump rope both legs, skipping down 3 laps, side shuffles 3 laps. leg press, pistol squats, hamstring curls.
Hopped via the circle loops forwards and clockwise/counterclockwise.

9 weeks post op PT notes:
8 minutes on elliptical
Stretch routine. Heel touches butt, but only with the help of my PT PUSHING HARD.
Hach squat 60 lbs, 30 reps
Pistol squat on incline, 30 reps
Step ups (lateral) 30 reps on a 10-12 inch box
Hamstring Curls 4.5, 12.5 lbs, 30 reps
Leg press 6, 12.5 lbs, 30 reps

This past week I tried jump rope and tried doing 6-8 minutes. I will skip for 1 minute and take a minute off to rest and repeat.
Right knee makes a lot of clicking when I walk.

8 weeks post op PT notes:elliptical 8 mins
hach squat 30 reps total
step downs forwards
step downs side ways
boss ball pistol
pistol squat on incline
leg press
hamstring curl
bungee cord.
heel touches butt.

Monday, April 11, 2016

7 weeks post ACL surgery

7 weeks post op

Since I haven't been doing those hamstring pulls on the total body machine, I have been walking very near to normal. I feel good. I fee strong and stable. I am feeling confident with my knee. Monday, I got stretched and my heel touches my butt but only when its forcefully bent all the way. I can't do it on my own yet. 
Im kinda bored with my routine now. I am just waiting until I can run and do jump rope. The first recovery, I took 12.5 weeks to start jump rope. I feel like I can do it now. So in preparation of jumping, I decided to try jumping without letting my toes off the ground. Its an explosive calf raise essentially. I alternated between that and running man in place for 3-3 minute rounds. 

Nothing has changed in PT at the hospital or in my daily PT routine.

6 weeks post ACL surgery

6 weeks post op now 
Logged on 3-30-16

In the 3 PT sessions prior to today, my knee was in a lot of pain possibly due to the addition of these hamstring slides on the total body gym machine. During the exercise my shins were in a lot of pain. The machine is supposed to work the hamstrings but my anterior tibialis was strained. The pulling of the knee really makes my knee sore.

Things I do in PT:

8 minute elliptical warm up
Stretching. I must remember to massage my patella to ease the patellar tendinitis pain.
pistol squat on the incline
pistol squat on the boss ball (flat side)
step downs
step ups, keep left leg on the box and without pushing up with my right leg, come up.
leg press
hamstring curl
hack squats
bungee cord, resistance band walks. This was new. Walked forwards, backwards, sides. 

Started mitts during week 4

Started doing boxing mitt work. Just a jab for the lead leg and then 2, 4, 8. Today my knee hurts but Im not sure what its from. I think I have to lay off activity for today.

After this week...I decided that maybe it was best to only do the jab. So after the first 2-3 sessions of mitt work. I only have done the jab since. 

4 weeks post ACL surgery rehab protocol part 2

4 weeks post op.

Logged on 3-15. Went to Golds gym.

Warmed up on the cross trainer/elliptical machine
leg press set at 4, did 30 reps
hamstring curls on the machine, 20lbs
step ups 20
lunges 2 laps
standing leg extensions with weight
wall sits 2.5 mins
3 mins of shadow boxing.
Been feeling stronger and more productive going to Golds this week.

The following day 3-16 in PT Did:
side step
hamstring slides
New: pistol squat on 6 inch box, heel touches ground.
New: balance on bossu ball, 45 deg squat, 30 second single leg balance on the ball.
Been told, in 2 weeks I can jump rope. 

At Golds that night, did:
Elliptical 20 mins
Leg press 3 sets of 10
Hamstring curls 3 sets of 10
Used the same weight as I did earlier that day

4 weeks post ACL surgery rehab protocol

4 weeks post op

Logged on 3-14-16

I had been doing this protocol since week 3. 

Rehab protocol:

Elliptical for 8 mins
Stretch as usual.
Monster walk 2 laps
Side step with band 2 laps, band at ankle
Single leg extension with 21 lb weight 20 each leg
Pistol squat 20 each leg on incline 
Hamstring curls 30 increased weight 50lbs
Leg press 30 reps increased weight, extended with both legs and released using the left leg. 37.5 lbs
Hamstring curl using the sliding disks on my back on the floor. 

13 days post ACL surgery protocol

13 days post ACL surgery

Logged 3-3-16

Rehab protocol:

Stationary bicycle for 8 minutes to warm up. No resistance.
Stretched. On my back, PT stretches to improve extension. On my belly, PT stretches for flexion. 
Single leg extension with 21 lb weight 20 reps per leg
Pistol squat 20 each leg on incline but was too sore to achieve 90 degree squat
Hamstring curls 30 increased weight 50lbs
Leg press 30 increased weight, extended with both legs and released using the left leg. 
Monster walks 2 laps
Side step with band 2 laps, band at ankle
Balance on one leg standing on the squishy disk